Sonic heads to Hyrule in new DLC


Whilst Sonic and his friend Mario have been getting on great together for a few years now (just don’t mention the bad old days), Sonic and Link from the Legend of Zelda seems like a slightly less obvious fit. Bizarrely though, as this new downloadable content for Sonic: The Lost World shows… it actually seems to work.


The bonus level is out today – and is free! And much like the Yoshi level released a while back, it mashes up the mechanics of the new Sonic game with some classic visuals and monsters from the Zelda series. In the trailer, you’ll see that rupees have replaced rings, the Gorons put in an appearance, as do the weird skeleton things that used to pop out of the ground in Ocarina of Time.

The N64 classic appears to be the source of most of the inspiration – though at certain points in the level Link himself appears flying on the back of his bird from the Wii’s Skyward Sword.


Delightfully, all of the classic Zelda music and sound effects put in an appearance… and the chickens will even fight back if you dare attack them.

It looks like fun – here’s hoping next up we get Sonic mashed up with the immensely frustrating 2048.

James O’Malley
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