Pre-order the Xperia Z2 with Vodafone… get a free TV


Mobile killed the video star. So important is mobile technology and the phone industry now that TVs are no longer the kings of the living room, but a mere commodity that can be given away in pursuit of something bigger. In this case – Vodafone are offering the first 3000 Xperia Z2 buyers a free 32″ Sony Bravia TV. Thousands of colourful bouncy balls not included.


The Z2 was unveiled by Sony a couple of weeks ago at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and looks set to be the Japanese giant’s new flagship handset.

Whilst only really an incremental improvement on the previous Z1, there are some nice looking upgrades inside: the 5.2″ phablet is powered by a 2.3ghz Qualcomm processor, and comes complete with a 20.7 megapixel camera. Like the previous models, it is also water and dust proof.

The camera is where the phone makes the biggest improvements: it can now shoot video in 4K – that’s four times the resolution of HD, so it should capture every disgusting close-up nicely. Basically, the only way to ruin it would be to commit the crime of shooting video in portrait mode rather than landscape… but no one would admit to that, right?

Similarly, there’s also a ‘timeshift’ mode enabling images to be captured at super high speed: 120 frames per second. Then you can scroll back through a pick out the segments of the video you want to run in super slow motion.

For stills too, there’s a clever mode that lets you adjust the depth of field – blurring the background or the foreground as appropriate.

Apparently the phone is due for release on Vodafone in the UK on April 10th – and will be available for £47/month on the “Red 4G” plan, which also gives you free Sky Sports or Spotify (but still, £47? Ouch!).

James O’Malley
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