Have we not heard the Last of The Last Of Us?


When The Last Of Us came out last year, it was seen as the PS3’s last hurrah, and in some quarters is viewed as the greatest game of the last generation. So it’s perhaps not surprising that given both the critical and commercial success, Sony are apparently considering bringing it to the PS4.

The Last Of Us, when it was released recently on the PS3 was held up as a milestone in videogame storytelling. Whilst a zombie game on the outside, this does not take the playful tone of Left For Dead or Dead Island - this is very real. Because the story

According to Escapist, the beans were spilled by the boss of Playstation Turkey, Sercan Sulun who in the middle of a long interview – speaking in Turkush – accidentally(?) confirmed the existence of TLOU for PS4. Apparently it’ll be coming out both on disc and PSN this summer (complete with the DLC built in).

According to Escapist’s translation of the Turkish, Sulun responded to a question about a sequel to the game on PS4, saying “There is no information about a new The Last of Us game but I can share this knowledge; as of this summer, The Last of Us will be on the PS4. Both on PSN and physically…. The PS4 version will also include the DLC so you will be able to play ‘Left Behind’ as well.”

Which I guess is a bit like having a chat with a policeman about the weather and accidentally blurting out where the bodies are buried.

Frankly, we’ll be surprised now if the PS4 port doesn’t happen – they’ve probably only kept it quiet until now so as to not cannibalise sales of the PS3 version. How many gamers would have decided to wait if they knew they’d be able to get it on PS4 too?

James O’Malley
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