8GB iPhone 5C launches on O2 in the UK


Despite not officially existing only days ago, it is now already available here in the UK. The iPhone 5C, which has been designed as a budget model (compared to the 5S), has not been selling as spectacularly as Apple had hoped – so they’ve decided to make it even cheaper.


To make it happen, they’ve slashed the internal storage in half – taking it down to 8GB. Which should still be plenty of space for casual users and the non-tech obsessed. The rest of the spec remains familiar: 8 megapixel camera, 4″ retina display and powered by Apple’s own A6 chip. Plus it of course runs iOS7. So it certainly isn’t a bad phone.

The pricing is also quite attractive: you can get the phone for only £50 on a £28/month tariff, or for free if you sign up for £43/month (excellently, this latter package comes with a stonking 8GB of data allowance).

Whether this will make a difference in the 5C’s fortunes remains to be seen – but it should make an attractive alternative to the currently lowest-end iPhone, the ageing iPhone 4S.

James O’Malley
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