Windows 9 is now real – will be unveiled in April – aiming at a 2015 release


According to a report on Paul Thurrott’s Blog, Microsoft are currently readying the unveiling of Windows 9 – the success to the, umm, variably received Windows 8 operating system.


Though no concrete details on the new operating system are yet known, you can bet your life that Redmond are praying that a fresh start will help. Windows 8 has been hugely unpopular with users on desktop computers – with an interface geared more towards use on touchscreen devices like phones and tablets, it has left users baffled and crying when trying to use the OS to complete simple tasks. Or maybe that was just me.

Microsoft have previously released a “blue update” and a “black update” for various versions of Windows 8 – and mercifully it appears that this won’t be a “brown update”, with speculation that it will see the inclusion of a Windowed mode (imagine that!). It’s unlikely though that we’ll see the destruction of the reviled “Metro” interface entirely though, given how integral it is to both Windows Phone, Tablets and Xbox (and to be fair, it works okay in these environments).

The reveal is set for Microsoft’s own BUILD conference – with final release of the OS previously known as Threshold next year in April 2015. It’ll be interesting to see if MS take the bait from Apple and go free, as Mac OS did with it’s latest build, Mavericks.

Stay tuned for more when we get it. And let us know what you’d like Windows 9 to do in the comments!

James O’Malley
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