Samsung go back to the drawing board for Galaxy Gear 2


Samsung’s next smartwatch – the Galaxy Gear 2 – looks set to debut around March/April, alongside the Galaxy S5, if rumours are to be believed – and word is that it will sport an entirely new design.


The original watch hasn’t done very well. Industry analysts report this is because essentially, “it’s crap” (technical term). In fact – the only customer appears to have been Kevin Bacon in those absolutely unbearable EE adverts they play before films (our theory is that they do it to make the torture scenes in 12 Years A Slave not seem quite so bad by comparison). The watch widely regarded as far too expensive and simply not good enough in terms of performance – would you really pay £300 for a marginally more convenient way of glancing at your email and the weather?

Samsung are hoping things will change with the Gear 2 – which will apparently have a “totally different” design along with a “flexible” OLED display. Whether this means we’ll get the long sought-after stretchy screen tech, or just a fixed curve (as seen in the Galaxy Curve) though remains to be seen.

The expectation is that the new watch will be premiere alongside the Galaxy S5, which will be unveiled in March or April – and could prove crucial to Samsung given the deafening rumours of Google and Apple also eyeing up the smartwatch scene.

James O’Malley
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