Rambo: The Video Game looks exactly as relentlessly violent as you'd expect



Over the weekend the latest trailer for the forthcoming Rambo video game dropped – and much like the films it is based on, the trailer showed an masterfully subtle portrayal of the impact of warfare on the human psyche. Only joking – it actually appears to be super violent.

A first-person-shooter set in a jungle, the game has echoes of many recent games: from Tomb Raider, to Far Cry 3, to the endless flora of the Call of Duty series. The latter in particular, as judging by the trailer, there appears to be a lot of neck-stabbing.

Bow combat! Jumping from explosions! Inexplicably stealthy bits! Missiles! Machine gunning hundreds of people in one go from a mounted turret! The game appears to earn its subtitle, Machine of War.

The only thing that could undermine it is if it turns out that the main character’s name isn’t something cool like “RAMBO”, but is instead something painfully dull, like “John”. Oh.

So that looks fun… but the graphics aren’t all that pretty. This is because the game isn’t for the PS4 or Xbox One, but it’ll be time to dust off the older generation, as the game comes to PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

We’ve no word on release yet though it’s expected in “early 2014”. And if you pre-order, you’ll even get a little Sylvester Stallone statue thrown in for free.

James O’Malley
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