This 16-Bit Blade Runner game will make you cry tears…in…rain

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BladeRunner is the greatest film of all time. There, I said it. No comebacks. It’s influenced the look of modern sci-fi just as much as Alien or Star Wars. And yet it’s only ever had one (admittedly excellent) videogame based on it.

That has to change, and with the new console launches looming, and rumours stirring that a new Blade Runner movie (however ill-advised that may seem) is entering into production, the time is right for a new videogame based on one of science fiction’s most-beloved properties.

But what if Blade Runner had already had its moment in the gaming limelight, back in the heady days of 16-bit consoles? It’d probably look something a bit like the above video put together by CineFix.

An incredibly faithful adaptation of the movie (albeit with humorous, pixellated charm), it runs through the key moments of the film at breakneck speed, pitching the game as a cross between a point and click adventure and an old-school action RPG like Shadowrun (itself heavily influenced by Blade Runner).

I would buy this in a synthesised, cyborg heartbeat.

Gerald Lynch
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