Samsung Galaxy Note 3 5.68-inch body leaks. Screen size on the up?

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note-3-body.jpgIs there anything left to discover about the Samsung Galaxy Note 3? The much-leaked handset is due to touch down at the Berlin IFA 2013 conference on September 4th, but I feel as though I already know it like an old friend. Spilling the beans further are ETradeSupply, the gadget internals supplier who have shown off the above image of a 5.68-inch smartphone chassis, apparently belonging to the Note 3.

It seems a safe bet then that the Note 3 will sport (at least) a 5.6-inch screen, up from the Note 2’s 5.5-inch display.

Looking to avoid further confusion in their busy mobile product range (god only knows how many “Galaxy” branded gizmos are out there now), it seems a dead-cert that Samsung will be keeping the Note 3’s screen under the 6-inch mark to help differentiate it from the company’s Tab tablet line. The 6.3-inch Galaxy Mega? Well, we just won’t mention that one.

Latest rumours on the handset pencil in 4K video shooting and 3GB of RAM for inclusion. Now exactly a week away from the big reveal, we’ll have all the answers soon enough.

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