Left 4 Dead 3 and Source 2 engine leaked during Valve HQ tour

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left-4-dead-2-screenshot-4.jpgThey may be one of the most secretive companies in all of gaming, but it seems that Half-Life creators Valve may have let their guard down during a recent studio tour. During the visit, a group of fans claim to have caught confirmation that Valve is indeed working on Left 4 Dead 3, the latest sequel in the smash-hit zombie franchise, and are already using the next-gen Source 2 graphics engine.

One of the plucky visitors on the Valve tour managed to snap a shot of an internal “changelog” at the company from an unmanned workstation, listing developments in all the projects currently underway at Valve. In the list was specific mention of Left 4 Dead 3 (L4D3 in the image below) and the Source 2 engine.

Click here to see the original image that the above cropped zoom came from.

If the post is the real deal, its interesting that Valve appear to be using the lesser Left 4 Dead franchise to test the waters of their Source 2 engine before ploughing away at Half-Life 3, perhaps the most eagerly-awaited sequel of all time.

Of course, perhaps both games are simultaneously in development. Or none at all: even if this truly is a leak from Valve HQ, the company is well known for its teasers and pranks, stirring up their community to fevered levels of anticipation. This could well be just another intentional tease to get the fanboys and fangirls sweating.

Though we don’t doubt that Left 4 Dead 3 nor the Source 2 engine are in the works, we’ll treat this one with a considerable pinch of salt for the time being.

Gerald Lynch
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