Google Play Music All Access now available in the UK

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google-play-music-all-access.jpgGoogle Play Music All Access is now available to UK music fans, as well as a whole host of other European countries.

First launched for US users back in May at the search giant’s annual Google I/O conference, All Access is Google’s attempt to secure a footing in the burgeoning music streaming market, currently dominated by Spotify, with other services including Xbox Music, Pandora and 7Digital.

As well as the UK, Australia, Austria, Belgium, France, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Portugal and Spain have now all gained access to the service.

All Access works as part of Google’s Play Music store, offering millions of tracks to be streamed from the search king’s servers. Discovery tools are also included, offering up recommendations on what to listen to next based on your listening habits.

Listeners can also turn any song into a “radio station”, with the service intelligently creating an endless playlist of songs based around the artist and track you’ve selected, with each song hopefully complementing your original choice.

Offering a 30-day free trial to users, those who sign up to the Google service before 15 September will only have to pay £7.99 a month for access to the streaming platform. After that, the price raises to the standard £9.99.

Google Play Music All Access can be used from a desktop PC or Mac, through an Android phone or tablet, or through other devices web browsers. An iOS app for Apple users is said to be in the works.

Gerald Lynch
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