Fresh Apple iWatch concept is the most grounded and likely vision of wrist-based iOS yet

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iwatch-concept-aug-top.pngWe’ve seen plenty of Apple iWatch concepts by this point, and while they’re almost universally gorgeous, many of them look rather impractical in their design and thus unlikely to represent the final product, should Apple indeed be working on one. These latest designs however, put together by Stephen Olmstead and posted to The Verge forums, have, in our opinion, the most potential to reflect what Apple would likely do with their smart watch.

Favouring a simple, round faced design and a practical, sturdy and interchangeable leather strap, it’s tasteful without eschewing the potential of an iOS-packing touchscreen.
iwatch-concept-aug-2.jpgOlmstead’s designs also give an idea as to what sort of applications could feasible work on an iWatch. As well as messaging previews, calendar information and, obviously, a range of clock faces, his concept also offers up a camera embedded in the watch’s chrome edging for FaceTime calls, as well as supporting Siri voice commands.

Reserved and practical, it looks to mirror Apple’s own design ethos in many ways, and looks as though it could be manufactured relatively inexpensively. Should Apple reveal a connected wristwatch at some point, don’t be surprised if it turns out to look something a little like this.

Gerald Lynch
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