SteelSeries Apex lays claim to world's fastest gaming keyboard title

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steel-series-apex.pngIf you’re a PC gamer playing at the top level, every micro-second of lag between your button presses and the input being registered by the game can make the difference between victory and defeat. PC gaming accessory manufacturers SteelSeries know this all too well, and have put together the Apex keyboard, which they claim is the world’s fastest gaming keyboard.

Though dubiously not revealing the exact response time for the keyboard in its release, the Apex’s low profile keys should make weaving through corridors and hitting RTS shortcuts speedily simple. Two small bumps on the W key makes jumping around the keyboard and back to the most oft-used movement keys intuitive too.

A larger than average space bar should also make navigating and hitting important keys easier, while twenty-two macro keys allow for complex commands to be programmed to a single button press.

Those looking to look snazzy at their next LAN tournament can also take advantage of the Apex’s 16.8 million different backlight colour profiles, which can be tweaked over 8 levels of illumination intensity in 5 discrete zones.

Priced at £67.99, pick up the Apex here.

Gerald Lynch
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