Space Expedition Corporation get Buzz Aldrin's blessing ahead of commercial space tourism trips

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buzz-aldrin-moon.jpgBuzz Aldrin, the second man on the moon and subject of that most-iconic of moon landing photos above, has signed on to become a member of Space Expedition Corporation’s advisory board, one of the leading companies vying for dominance in the burgeoning space tourism sector.

“Having had the privilege of serving my country both in the US Air Force and during the
Gemini 12 and Apollo 11 missions, I feel that there is nothing more thrilling than Space and all the
possibilities that it offers us”, said Aldrin of his latest appointment.

“For a long time it has been my personal mission through my ShareSpace Foundation to share the wonders of Space with people of all ages and to foster affordable Space travel opportunities for everybody.”

From 2014, Space Expedition Corporation will be hosting daily commercial flights into space, inside two custom-built Lynx spacecraft. Taking passengers 100 kilometres high, the craft break the sound barrier within one minute, hitting mach 2.9 and reaching space in just four minutes.

Unlike rival space tourism flights from the likes of Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic, the Space Expedition Corporation flights have craft holding just a single passenger, offering a unique experience that sees the passenger sitting in the cockpit alongside the pilot.

“SXC, together with XCOR Aerospace, who designed and built the Lynx spacecraft and will perform the space flights, aims to facilitate Space flight experiences, expand human exploration and advance Space science education,” added Aldrin.

“They are a great team and I am very supportive of their vision to make space flight available to all.”

Aldrin will be completing the SXC’s current advisory board alongside Mr. Peter Hartman (Vice Chairman Airfrance KLM) and General Dick Berlijn ret. (former Chief of Defence).

“Buzz Aldrin is a legend so adds value to what I am doing in the UK pushing ticket and sponsorships deals,” said UK SXC space agent Rajeev Sood

“This will help endorse my efforts in the UK and London. It’s great news to have him on board with us.”

And what of rival Virgin Galactic, whose own sub-orbital space flights are to begin commercial lift off in December of this year?

“Branson has nothing like what we have to offer,” replies Sood. “Ours is a completely different experience.”

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One thought on “Space Expedition Corporation get Buzz Aldrin's blessing ahead of commercial space tourism trips

  • Please get your facts straight.
    SpaceX is not getting into the tourist business and is not building the Lynx spacecraft unlike XCOR who are.
    SpaceX is an orbital launch company who delivered the first spacecraft (Dragon) to dock with the ISS and is currently in competition with Boeing and Sierra Nevada to build crew spacecraft for NASA under the Crew Capability (CCiCap) Program which happens to be a Space Act Agreement.
    SpaceX is hoping to fly crew to low earth orbit in 2015/16. Boeing a bit later by all accounts. SN no schedule at this time as they’re not as well funded as the other two companies.
    VG is in the sub-orbital tourist business with Spaceship 2 and WhiteKnight 2 carrier aircraft. This is the Lynx market as well.
    It doesn’t take much research to get this right and not misinform your readers.
    I’m not even in the U.S. and I know what the score is.

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