PlayStation 3 wireless headsets WILL work with PS4

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ps3-official-headset.jpgSony’s forthcoming PS4 console will support wireless headsets from the PlayStation 3 last-gen console, Sony have confirmed.

Speaking to top gaming site Polygon at the San Diego Comic-Con, a Sony official confirmed that the company’s wireless headsets will have no problems pairing up over with the new console. Speaking specifically about first-party headsets however, it remains to be seen whether or not all third-party PlayStation 3 headsets (such as ones from Turtle Beach or Astro) will also work – given the PS3 opted for a simple Bluetooth connection, which the PS4 seems to share, we would expect there to be no problems. A couple of quid spared on the cost of your next-gen gaming experience then!

As well as offering backwards compatibility with the headsets, Sony’s PS4 will also ship with a single-ear mono earpiece.

Rival console the Xbox One from Microsoft neither ships with a headset nor offers out of the box support for Xbox 360 headsets (though an accessory to fix this issue has been teased). Instead, Microsoft are hoping that gamers will do their smack talking through the new Kinect sensor that is bundled mandatorily with each Xbox One console.

Gerald Lynch
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