Lovefilm dropping game rentals, apologises for communications breakdown

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lovefilm-logo.jpgLovefilm have confirmed that they will be dropping games from their through-the-post rental service, and apologised for not communicating the forthcoming change to their customers sooner.

As it currently stands, new customers will not be able to sign up for the games rental service, while Eurogamer are reporting that even customers already signed up to the gaming option will see the service cut by August 8. Though confirming that the changes are indeed on the way, Lovefilm have yet to officially confirm the termination date.

“We’re very sorry if any information about service changes reached you by third party or media reports, rather than coming from us first,” said Lovefilm in a statement given to Digital Spy.

“We strive to communicate directly with our customers before releasing any wider statements concerning your Lovefilm service. On this occasion, clearly, we failed – please accept our apologies for this error.”

No reason has been given by Lovefilm yet as to why they’re pulling this aspect of their service, one of the few major differentiators between it and rival Netflix. Next-generation console developments may well have played a part however, though even Microsoft’s Xbox One has relaxed its game sharing policies.

Gerald Lynch
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