Lightning.jpgLIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII has revealed its pre-order incentives! They appear to be oriented around fan servicing the Final Fantasy 7 fans. But really, it’s not the kind of fan service they want, unfortunately this seems to be as close to a Final Fantasy 7 remake as we will ever get.

The pre-order incentives include in-game items such as The Buster Sword, Soldiers Band and Cloud’s famous victory pose and fanfare. All this costume content is just nodding back to older games and almost teasing those who really just want a full HD remake. But there are still people who are looking forward to playing the game, as there always will be with any new Final Fantasy. The pre-order incentives also include a Limited Edition Steel Book and special moves and abilities to be included with the cloud set will be announced at a later date.

Also included is a “Lightning Samurai Set”, which will also include its own moves and abilities, the whole pre-order package is focusing on in-game items that will try to give pre-orders a different experience to normal buyers. There is nothing wrong with this, except it’s possible the pre-order gear could be replaced very early into the game and barely be used.

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