iPhone 5C to be the budget Apple smartphone suggests leaked photo

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iphone-5c-weiphone.jpgApple’s long-rumoured budget iPhone is expected to land before the end of the year, as the Cupertino company aim to take on the lower end of the smartphone market currently dominated by Android handsets. Now, a leaked photo of what is said to be packaging for the new phone line has leaked online, revealing the new smartphone to be called the iPhone 5C, differentiating itself from the premium iPhone 5 (as well as the iPhone 5’s expected successor, the iPhone 5S).

The leaked photo, which appeared on Chinese forum WeiPhone, shows a pile of boxes for the new phone line, each bearing the iPhone 5C name in an appropriate Apple-like font.

iPhone 5C. The “C” standing for cheap? Unlikely! One of the main concerns Apple will be facing with the release of the phone will be ensuring their premium branding isn’t undermined by an inexpensive, less spec-heavy item in their inventory.

Could it stand for colour, perhaps? The handset, rumoured to use a plastic chassis, is also expected to be available in many colours, imitating the success seen with the iPod touch line and its many colours.

It’s looking like we won’t have to wait too long to find out either way – German blog iFun have tipped the launch of both the cheap iPhone and iPhone 5S to land on September 6. We’ll bring all the official details when they arrive, if ever.

Gerald Lynch
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