Here's a guide to playing Crysis on MacBook Air…for real

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Apple’s MacBook Air range of notebooks are good at a great many things, but, through using Intel’s built-in graphics options, they’re not up to much when it comes to gaming.

That hasn’t stopped one enterprising modder from taking it into his own hands to do something about it. Larry Gadea of the Tech Inferno forums has figured out a way to hook an external GPU up to his MacBook Air, giving it enough gaming chops to play through top titles such as Borderlands 2 and Crysis on high settings.

Hooking up a PCI Express video card (a Nvidia GTX 570) to the Mac’s Thunderbolt port with two adapters, a Boot Camp installation of Windows 7 and a handful of third party drivers, he’s made the MacBook Air into a capable gaming rig.

Check the video out above for a guide to how Gadea pulled it off.

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