Google Doodle celebrates Roswell UFO incident's 66th anniversary

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Today, Google celebrated the 66th anniversary of the Roswell UFO incident with their newest doodle, delighting conspiracy theorists the world over.

Delivered in the form of a small point-and-click adventure game, you play the role of a small alien-like character that moves around the Roswell town, collecting parts to rebuild your space ship and fly away.

This isn’t the first doodle to be a game from Google. There was the Pacman anniversary doodle and the Chinese new year (Snake) doodle, both of which can be found using…Google.

The Roswell incident took place on July 8 1947 when several witnesses reported seeing flying saucers over Roswell, New Mexico. The incident sparked years of conspiracy theory and speculation, as well as numerous movies and even a rather naff TV show of the same name.

There are a few interesting and comedic secrets, or easter eggs as some would call them, hidden in the doodle, so it’s worth playing through it and trying out different things. (Hint: Use the radioactive canister with the animals!)

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