Edward Snowden is now the star of an endless runner app game

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edward-snowden-runner.pngEdward Snowden, the whistle blower currently on the run for leaking the information that lead to the revealing of the Prism spying scandal in the US, is now the star of his own app game.

And, fittingly, it’s an endless runner, similar to the hit game Temple Run.

It’s also truly bizarre, and not very good. Available on Android through the Google Play Store, and via the developer’s website for PC and Mac, you run through endless bland levels collecting green USB sticks, avoiding obstacles, while being chased by a balding man, before dropping a hydrogen bomb and calling up your good old pal “Uncle Putin”. It’s like the Monty Python version of the recent life of Snowden.

As shown in this Kotaku post however, you’ll also defy the laws of physics as a broken Snowden avatar runs on his head, and flattens to the size of a sheet of paper.

Despite Orwellian posters littered throughout the game casting WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange as a wanted man, creator Michele Rocco Smeets says the game isn’t intended as a political statement:

“The game does not point a finger to either the US agencies and companies involved in the data-collection scandal nor Mr. Snowden. It attempts to remain neutral as far as a parody can be unbiased. There is absolutely no political motivation behind this game nor am I affiliated with any government agencies or Mr. Snowden.”

Being free to play, we can hardly call it a cash-in either. A true app curio then.

Gerald Lynch
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