Diablo 3 to miss PS4 launch line up, release pushed to 2014

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diablo-3-top.jpgThe PS4 version of Diablo 3 has had its release date pushed back to 2014.

Despite being announced alongside Sony’s next-gen console at its February unveiling, the team at Blizzard working on the console ports of last year’s PC smash-hit (which is also heading to the PlayStation 3 and is expected to land on the Xbox One too) have only just recieved the PlayStation 4 development kits needed to produce the game.

“The Diablo 3 team has actually just received the new PS4 development kits so the translation for that platform is yet to be done,” Diablo Fans reported as part of a summary of a lengthy interview with Blizzard’s Josh Mosqueira, Travis Day and Wyatt Cheng.

“Diablo 3 will not be a launch date title for the PS4. It will come in 2014.”

Those hoping to have the dungeon-crawler christen their new PlayStation console at the machine’s November/ Autumn release will have to wait a little longer then.

Though a PS3 version is said to be coming along nicely, Blizzard are keen to add PS4-specific features to the next-gen release, including integration with the Dual Shock 4 controller’s touchpad and Share button.

As for expansion packs, Blizzard have also revealed that simultaneous launches across platforms is unlikely, with content instead set to be tailored to each individual platform.

Gerald Lynch
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