Sharp DK-KP85PH Hi-Fi docks iPads and iPhones in all-in-one sound system


sharp-dk-kp85ph-top.jpgOffering iPad and iPhone docking and CD playback, Sharp’s new DK-KP85PH Hi-Fi is a comprehensive Hi-Fi system.

Using two 25 Watt digital amplifiers with speakers mounted left and right of an upright, central CD tray, the Hi-Fi also supports wireless Bluetooth tune streaming alongside a built in FM/AM radio.

“Our new all-in-one Hi-Fi offers immersive sound quality that is more powerful than others on the market,” said Hiroshi Katta, UK audio product manager at Sharp.

“This is a new look for Sharp and the DK-KP85PH’s cool new design will fit into the most stylish of homes and contemporary offices.”

Not too expensive at £179, expect to see it in shops by the Autumn.

Gerald Lynch
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