Panasonic channel Rude Dog in new neon SC-MAX650 home stereo

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panasonic-sc-max650-top.jpgSure, I get that we’re in the grip of a 1990s revival period at the moment, but Panasonic must seriously be having a laugh with the look of their new SC-MAX650 home stereo.

Calling it “the ultimate party system” its illuminated neon highlights and exposed woofers and tweeters would make for a radical grand prize on Fun House (were it not out of the show’s budget at $1,199 / £765).

“The SC-MAX650 is our most powerful audio system yet,” said David Fisher, Product Manager, Panasonic Consumer Marketing Company of North America.

“From its aesthetic design to its sound capabilities, we have created this system to be a showstopper and truly bring a party to life through music.”

At least it promises to sound as bombastic as it looks: imagine blasting the Pugwall theme tune out of a 2300W system, equipped with four-way floor-standing speakers which house 15″ and 7-7/8″ Super Woofers, a 4″ Woofer and a 2-3/8″ Tweeter. It’s even got a MIC Jack if you’re looking to throw a karaoke house party.

For more on the stereo, visit, where the SC-MAX650 will land in June.

Whatever you think of the SC-MAX650, I’ll forever be thankful to this Panasonic release for reminding me of this slice of early 90’s cartoon gold:

Gerald Lynch
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