New Netflix Max recommendation system will guide you to movies and shows to suit your tastes

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A surprising and unexpected launch from Netflix today, with the online TV and movie streaming company lifting the lid on Netflix Max, their new recommendation system on the PS3 version of their platform.

Designed to be more conversational and personal than a standard recommendations list, Max is a fully voiced viewing assistant that helps you pick a show to watch based on the answers you give to its questions.

There’s a number of systems used to find the show or movie for you through Max, including head to head battles between two Hollywood stars for you to pick from, a movie ratings game, and choice between two massively different movie tags.

Netflix admit that it may not be for everyone (Max has a pretty “zany” voice, to say the least), and those that don’t use the Max system will see it fall further down the standard Netflix UI, out of the way of the usual category views. However, if it proves a success, Netflix plan on bringing the system to more of its streaming platforms beyond the PS3 app on which it launches.

Gerald Lynch
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