Intel introduces Thunderbolt 2 – now offers 20Gbps data transfer speeds

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Apple-Thunderbolt-MacBook-Pro.pngIntel have revealed Thunderbolt 2, the latest version of their super-speedy data transfer protocol.

Codenamed Falcon Ridge, Thunderbolt 2 makes use of a new controller chip that pops two of the 10Gbps uni-directional channels from the first iteration of Thunderbolt into a single 20Gbps bi-directional channel, effectively doubling the speeds of what was already a blisteringly-fast data transfer system.

It’s introduction seems purpose built for video editors looking to put together high-quality 4K video productions at speed, allowing the simultaneous display and transfer of 4K content.

Thunderbolt 2 will also support DisplayPort 1.2, offering video streaming to a single 4K monitor or a pair of QHD monitors, without needing any fresh cables or add-ons.

Fully backwards compatible with first-generation Thunderbolt products, Thunderbolt 2 will begin production by the end of 2013 and will hit full speed at the start of 2014. That rules the technology out of any launches at Apple’s WWDC next week, though next year’s models could well feature it.

Gerald Lynch
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