Samsung readying bloat-free Galaxy S4 running stock Android?

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samsung-galaxy-s4-lens.jpgSamsung make lovely phone hardware, but they’ve still not quite got that interface stuff sorted yet. Their TouchWiz UI, placed over the top of stock Android on their Galaxy range of smartphones is put together with the best of intentions to add extra functionality to your phone, but is incredibly garish and, at times, a bit of a resource hog. It’s one of the few bugbears people have with the otherwise-great Samsung Galaxy S4.

Rumour now has it that Samsung are sitting up and listening to the criticism directed at its custom interface. According to, today’s opening of the annual Google I/O developer conference will see Samsung launch a “Google Edition” of the Galaxy S4, running the stock Android interface.

Due out in June according to the report, the phone will not only push the more attractive standard Android build to the fore, but will also free up a substantial amount of internal memory currently given over to the TouchWiz UI.

As it stands, those who otherwise want to run stock Android on a Galaxy S4 have to first root the phone and install the Cynogen custom rom, which voids warranties.

With the conference opening in a matter of hours, we’ll keep you posted whether or not the report’s details indeed turn out to be true.

Gerald Lynch
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