Ruark Audio R7 resurrects the radiogram's retro style

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R7 Walnut 05.jpgRuark are looking to resurrect the retro stylings of the radiograms of old with the Ruark Audio R7.

Taking its cues from the 1960s audio gear that can still be found collecting dust in nans’ houses up and down the land (and worth a pretty penny if found in top-notch condition on the second hand market), Ruark have brought the concept up to date by adding wireless streaming into the mix.

An all-in-one 2.1 stereo system that can be either set standing on its supplied legs up popped onto a table of into an audio cabinet with the included puck feet, the R7 supports aptX Bluetooth, DLNA streaming, integrated Wi-Fi, DAB, FM and internet radio, as well as having a disc drive for CD playback. R7 Walnut 01.jpgRounding off the modern-day features is a charge port for tablets and smartphones, while standard dual stereo analogue inputs, digital optical and digital coaxial input connections are also included.

Finished with real walnut wood, the R7’s speaker system makes use of two 5.5-inch dual concentric drivers, with a centrally mounted tweeter within the mid-bass driver, alongside an 8-inch subwoofer. Ruark’s Class A-B amps complete the system, delivering 160 watts of power.

Looking very stylish, the R7 is inevitably pretty pricey too. Ruark will be selling the system for around £2,000 when it launches in Autumn. And remember to factor in the price of some formica furniture and a mirrored drinks cabinet if you’re looking to complete the 60’s chic look too.

Gerald Lynch
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