Report: The next Xbox will be called Xbox Infinity

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Thumbnail image for xbox-infinity.jpgNumber, numbers, numbers; when it comes to marketing a new tech product, the bigger the number, the better the gadget, right? PlayStation 4 > PlayStation 3, quad-core processor > dual-core processor. Got the hang of this yet?

Microsoft certainly seem to. Not content with hunting for a suitably larger number to slap on the packaging of their new Xbox, it seems that the next-gen console will not be called the Xbox 720.

Rather, it’ll be called Xbox Infinity.

That’s the report coming in from The International Business Times, who state:

“Sources related to development of the new Xbox have confirmed to IBTimes UK that the console… will be called Infinity.”

Unsurprisingly, the article also reveals that development kits are now in the hands of developers, though we’d assume they’ve likely had them for many months if they’re looking to get next-gen titles out in time for the holiday period.

If true, it puts many other rumoured next-gen Xbox names out to pasture, including Xbox Loop, Xbox Fusion, Xbox 720, and Xbox 8 (a reference to Windows 8) and simply just Xbox.

All will be revealed on May 21, when Microsoft lift the lid on their next console.

But it’s got us thinking. What will the next next-gen console from Microsoft be called? It’s all gone a bit Spinal Tap – with a number like Infinity, there’s none more high!

Gerald Lynch
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