Bose unveil AE2w Bluetooth headphones: Over ear cans hook up to two devices at once

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boae-ae2w.pngIf you’re juggling tunes from a smartphone and a tablet at the same time, and hate the faff of having to change Bluetooth pairings over from one to the other, take a look at the new AE2w headphones from Bose.

A little less pricey than the high-end brand are usually known for, the AE2w headphones use Bluetooth 2.1 to hook up to audio players wirelessly, but can also maintain a connection with two devices simultaneously thanks to multipoint technology.

With a built in microphone that can also communicate with IOS’s Siri and Google voice search on Android, the headphone design features passive noise cancellation , though Bose stress that the cans “aren’t specifically designed for this purpose”.

A 3 hour charge offers 7 hours of playback from the AE2w headphones, with a good range count of 30 feet. As well as a USB charging cable and carry bag, the headphones also come with a standard audio cable if the headphones run out of juice for wired playback.

Finished in black, the AE2w headphones will touch down in stores from May 14, priced £199.95. If you’re not too fussed about being tethered to a wired-only headset, there’s also the Bose AE2 and AE2i headphones, available for £129.95 and £149.95, respectively.

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