Netflix prepping Family Plan: £8 for four simultaneous streams

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Thumbnail image for netflix-uk.jpgNetflix is looking to expand beyond its standard streaming package to help better cater for larger families.

Revealed at the company’s quarterly earnings call, CEO Reed Hastings stated that the company are considering introducing a “Family” package that, for $12 (around £8) would allow for four simultaneous streams from one account, allowing for a whole household to watch whichever Netflix show or movie they like without arguments.

Currently, Netflix offer a single £5.99 package in the UK that allows for two simultaneous streams, while the US service still attracts 8 million customers to the through-the-post DVD service as well as the streaming offering.

36 million Netflix users streamed over 4 billions hours of film and TV in Q1 o 2013. However, Netflix own content push, House of Cards, didn’t attract massive amounts of new custom. The quarter saw just 2.03 million new US members added, compared to 2.05 million users in Q4 2012, and 1 million international users compared to 1.2 million users in Q4 2012.

Gerald Lynch
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