Breffo Adventure Camera Kit adds GoPro-like mounting to many digital cameras

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breffo-adventure-camera-kit.jpgBreffo’s Adventure Camera Kit, first revealed at CES 2013, has now gone on sale, letting courageous photographers safely mount their cameras in all manner of high-octane scenarios.

Building on the success of the accessory makers Spiderpodium, the kit features eight bendy legs that can be wrapped around objects or positioned in innumerable ways to ensure your camera has sure footing, no matter where it needs to be positioned for that super shot. Made from a malleable, durable rubber wrapped around a flexible frame, it’s perfect for use on rugged terrain, or for wrapping around overhead beams and branches for hanging. In the video below it’s even wrapped around a bike frame for an action-packed video of a trail run.

Using a standard ¼-inch threaded screw, the Adventure Camera Kit is compatible with many digital cameras, including the extreme sports enthusiasts’ favourite, the GoPro Hero 3.

The Breffo Adventure Camera Kit can be bought exclusively from the Breffo website. It’s avaialble in black or white, priced at a reasonable £20.

Gerald Lynch
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