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buzzego-top.pngTired of searching for something you’ll be interested in reading on the web? Check out buzzego, a new website that offers intelligent, tailored content feeds based on your interests.

buzzego enters a busy market for content aggregation; we already have Twitter and Facebook friends offering constant recommendations, as well as services like StumbleUpon and personalised news apps like Flipboard.

Where buzzego sets itself apart is in how easy it is to set up. You align your interests alongside an archetypal character (such as “culture vulture” or “cool kid”), with buzzego then offering up relevant sites based on those character traits, grabbed from a growing pool of 50,000 blogs and content providers.

Over time, based on the stories you choose to view and share, buzzego begins to automatically refine its recommendations, throwing the odd curveball post in just to make sure it hasn’t missed one of your lesser interests. There’s no need to set up favourite categories or define tags you’re interested in – it’s all done through buzzego’s backend, based upon your reading habits, with the service trawling the web using advanced liguistics systems to find the exact sort of stories you’d be interested in from sources you may have never head of before.

“buzzego is like twitter without the noise – bringing you tailored content to match your personal interests and hobbies as long as your time permits,” comments Petr Volyak, cofounder at buzzego. 

“Indeed, we believe we’ve created an entirely new type of media – using advanced linguistics technology as well as everyone on the web as an editorial team.” 

Visit to give it a try.

Gerald Lynch
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