Vimeo On Demand lets film makers sell their movies to viewers

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vimeo-on-demand.jpgVimeo, the video hosting service of choice for artists and film makers, have today launched Vimeo On Demand, a new service that lets directors sell their wares direct to viewers.

In exchange for a 10% cut, Vimeo will provide the back-end hosting and distribution concerns of all Vimeo Pro members looking to sell their movies. Those selling movies can set price, select territories to make the film available in and tweak the look of their movie page.

Customers can then buy the movies (in full HD, no less) through the Vimeo desktop browser site, mobile apps, Apple TV, Xbox Live and a selection of Smart TV platforms.

“Vimeo is committed to empowering creators with tools to display and distribute their work in beautiful HD quality,” said Vimeo CEO, Kerry Trainor.

“With the addition of Vimeo On Demand, creators can now use Vimeo to control the way they earn revenue and retain a significant portion of the proceeds.”

The first movie to be sold in this way through Vimeo will be It’s Such a Beautiful Day, a remastered animation available for $2 to rent (roughly £1) or $6 to buy (around £3).

Gerald Lynch
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