Spotify lifting the five-play track cap for free UK users

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Thumbnail image for spotify header.jpgSpotify is today set to remove the cap that limits those using the service for free in the UK to only five plays of each track.

According to Musically, as of today, all UK non-paying Spotify users can listen to their favourite tracks over and over again without fear of being locked out of the service.

However, some restrictions still apply. For instance, free users will still have to put up with adverts, while their total playback time each month is limited to just 10 hours.

The UK is one of the latter territories to have the restriction removed: Finland, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Spain had the five-play cap removed in March 2012, while the US, Australia and New Zealand never had a cap to begin with.

It’s been a busy month for Spotify, who also recently launched their web-player in beta, a godsend for thsoe using shared computers where administration restrictions prevent them from installing the full Spotify client.

As well as the free service, Spotify offer an unlimited desktop streaming package for £4.99 a month, while a £9.99 Premium account allows users to save tracks for offline playback on a mobile device. The service now has over 6 million paying subscribers.

Gerald Lynch
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