New screenshots back up Samsung Galaxy S4 eye-tracking Smart Scroll rumours

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Samsung-Galaxy-S-IV-Eye-Tracking.pngMore evidence backing up a potential eye-tracking “Smart Scroll” feature in the Samsung Galaxy S4 has been uncovered by SamMobile.

The page navigation system, first spotted by the NYT, would see a user manipulate and scroll through pages and emails just by having their eye movements tracked by the phone’s front-facing camera.

Now, new screengrabs that are said to be from the Smart Scroll settings screen adds further weight to the claims. They show options to adjust the acceleration of eye-controlled scrolling, as well as a choice of which apps to allow Smart Scroll eye-tracking to work within, with the S4’s out-of-the-box web browser and email clients listed, alongside Gmail and the Chrome browser. There’s also mention of a Smart Pause feature that would pause a video clip if you look away from the screen.

The images also back up claims of a 1080p display being present in the smartphone.

While without confirmation from Samsung it remains difficult to verify the validity of the leaks, it’s the sort of headlining feature (and a natural progression from the Galaxy S3’s Smart Stay sleep settings) that we can imagine being included in the phone.

As to how well it will work, we’re not so sure: with smartphones offering so many distractions and notifications, our eyes must be darting around pages all the time. It’ll be interesting to see how the system identifies between a desire to scroll a page down or just a quick dart of our eyes momentarily onto another detail on the page.

Gerald Lynch
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