Monster reveal 18 carat gold Diamond Tears Sally Sohn headphones

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Sally-Sohn-new-head.jpgHow much would you be willing to pay for a pair of headphones? £50? A couple of hundred? How about £20,000?

Nope, didn’t think you’d bite at that last price tag, but that’s exactly how much you’re going to need to grab yourself Monster’s latest cans, the Monster Diamond Tears Sally Sohn Edition headphones.

A one-of-a-kind, one-off Harrods exclusive, Monster has teamed up with the Korean designer to create a luxury pair of their already-impressive Diamond Tears headphones.

Made from 18K gold and encrusted with 5.56 carats worth of black diamonds, it took more than 100 hours to hand craft the luxury headphones, hence this Harrods exclusive being the only pair in existence. If you’ve got a spare 20 grand lying around then you might want to act fast if you want to nab them.

If you prefer in-ear premium earphones, we were blown away by AKG’s K003 buds back in October 2011. Compared to the Sally Sohn edition Diamond Tears’ £20,000 price tag, the AKG earphones are basically pocket-money prices at £1,000 a pair.

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