MiiPC Kickstarter launched: A family-friendly Android mini PC

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miiPC.jpgA new Kickstarter campaign is aiming to launch a family-friendly Android-based PC.

The MiiPC project is looking for $50,000 (round £33,000) of funding to launch the pint-sized $89 (circa £60) computer.

Based on a modified version of Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, the PC hooks up to an external monitor over HDMI and is designed to be used in a desktop scenario, playing nicely with a keyboard and mouse set-up.

Where the MiiPC gets really interesting is with its parental controls: parents will be able to set up multiple accounts on the device (tied into the Android app ecosystem) and monitor exactly how much time their children are spending on the computer, setting up limits and restricting access to inappropriate items.

A companion mobile app is also planned, allowing parents to remotely stream exactly what’s being done on the MiiPC at any time and restricting access to apps and websites on the go. Interestingly, the app is showed in the launch video below running on an iPhone rather than an Android smartphone.

“MiiPC came out of my experience with my two kids,” said Young Song, co-founder of eMachines and MiiPC mastermind.

“We think the Internet has opened up all sorts of possibilities and I love that my children have access to information for their classes at the tip of their fingertips. However at the same time the Internet poses significant challenges for parents. Traditional software or hardware solutions simply block kids from going to certain websites. This is inherently limiting and it also does not address what we believe is a key challenge with kids and the Internet: its addictiveness.”

The full specs list is as follows:

  • Processor: Marvell® ARMADA® Family Series Dual Core1.2GHz SoC / Memory: 1GB DDR System RAM
  • Storage: 4GB Internal Flash (expandable via SD Slot and USB port)
  • Connectivity: WiFi (802.11 b/g/n), Ethernet Port, and Bluetooth (4.0)
  • Connect to TV: HDMI (1080p/720p) output
  • I/O: 2 USB 2.0 Ports, Speaker & Microphone Jack
  • MiiPC Companion Mobile App for iOS and Android

Click here to find out more about the MiiPC Kickstarter campaign. Early-bird backers can expect to recieve their MiiPC by July of this year.

Gerald Lynch
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