Google diss Google-owned Motorola's new phones…

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google-moto-buy-banner.jpgWhen Google bought out smartphone hardware manufacturers Motorola, many thought we were about to enter into a golden age for Android hardware. With Google providing the latest Android innovations to Motorola’s always-solid hardware, it was thought to be the start of a flourishing, mutually beneficial relationship for both companies.

That appears to not be the case currently though. While we’re still waiting for the first fruits of the partnership to land, it seems Google don’t think much of the next batch of Motorola phones. And Google CFO Patrick Pichette, speaking at Morgan Stanley’s Technology Conference, has really twisted the knife in.

According to The Verge, Pichette described Motorola’s upcoming products as being “not really to the standards that what Google would say is wow — innovative, transformative.”


Apparently, as part of the sale, Google also inherited a 12-18 month product roadmap with Motorola, something that the Mountain View company has little influence over, and obviously doesn’t care for. With Google’s confidence in the next line of Motorola goods obviously not riding high, it may be wise to hold fire on a purchase until the parent company actually, you know, likes what Motorola are doing.

In its defence, the recent batch of Motorola phones has been pretty consistently good, with the Motorola RAZR HD in particular picking up praise. Still, despite plenty of hype, the rumoured Motorola X Phone may be one to steer clear of going by what Pichette is saying.

Gerald Lynch
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