Forget the Samsung Galaxy S4, the S5 will see them out innovate Apple, says analyst

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samsung-galaxy-s-4-tease-thin-top.jpgThink it’s fair to be excited about the Samsung Galaxy S4? So do we; it’s set to be this year’s biggest Android handset launch, and is tipped to include interesting features such as eye-tracking web page scrolling and solid quad-core/1080p hardware.

However, for industry analyst Jefferson Wang, the best is yet to come. He believes that 2014 will be Samsung’s best mobile year with the launch of a super-innovative Galaxy S5, with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4 actually being the company’s “last act in Apple’s shadow”.

Speaking to Forbes’ Haydn Shaughnessy, the pair come to the conclusion that Samsung still sits “within the Apple mobile computing paradigm”.

“Right now that is where it is stuck. With Apple’s form factor and Apple’s design language, chipping away and trying to make a good iPhone, iPad-like product,” writes Shaughnessy.

But Samsung look ready to move beyond those limitations. Extensive investment in the Tizen operating system and flexible display technologies will see Samsung’s product road map for 2014 veer away considerably from the Apple blueprint, as well as their Android competitors.

“Look a little down the road and Samsung has put in place all the components to redefine the online experience. It won’t be called mobile or desktop but it might be called pervasive or ‘lifestyle.’ And it will take place wherever Samsung can fit a (flexible) screen (an industry it dominates),” says Shaughnessy.

It may well be worth saving those pennies up for another 12 months then. If you can’t wait that long, we’ll have all the official details from Samsung’s Galaxy S4 launch on Thursday night. Check back then for more on this year’s hottest Android phone.

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