Cheap iPhone rumours rise once more, now with 4.5-inch display

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iPhone-5-official-09.pngIt’s time once again for “cheap iPhone” rumours to rear their ugly heads once again.

The latest batch comes from reputable Japanese blog Macotakara (courtesy of AppleInsider) who state that Apple are building an iPhone with a polycarbonate body rather than the premium aluminium materials used in the rest of their mobile line, and aiming for a cheap $330 price tag (£220), though it’s unclear whether or not this would be a subsidised price. It’s claimed that the cheaper iPhone would have a feel similar to the discontinued glossy white MacBook.

What’s most intriguing however is the promise of a 4.5-inch screen. Whilst the rest of the design would follow classic iPhone trends (Home button and all), this would be the biggest iPhone ever, a full half-inch bigger than even the iPhone 5.

This all however has to be taken with a pinch of salt. Though Macotakara are a well respected site, there is no mention here of any sources, reputable or not, feeding them this information. Don’t take this report as gospel then.

The pricing, size and materials described however do ring true with what many believe are Apple’s aims going forward this year. Looking to capture the gigantic Chinese market, a cheap iPhone would put up a good fight against Android competition. With MWC showing that the large-screen smartphone trend is continuing to grow (in both senses) in the Android community, a larger iPhone would make for a clearer competitor to the likes of the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note range.

Gerald Lynch
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