What will Dyson launch next week? Motors? Cars? Irons???

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They’ve re-invented the vacuum cleaner, the hand dryer, the heater and the fan, and now Dyson have announced a trio of brand new products to launch next week. But what will they be?

Details are scarce. We’ve just been told not to expect another vacuum cleaner, and all we’ve seen so far is the teaser video posted above, which suggests the use of aluminium and little else.

The release teases “The work of 125 Dyson Engineers. 3 years in development. £40m investment,” to bring the product to market, but an invite sent to Australian journalists speaks of a seven year development cycle and the possibility of a digital motor being involved.

The Australian invite is suggestive of commercial, rather than domestic, products, which would rule out products like irons or hairdryers, unless they were on some gigantic industrial scale, pressing humans like pancakes and frying their hair into Frazzles.

Personally, we’re holding out for the world’s first tablet hoverboard hybrid! But all jokes aside, a digital motor could suggest some form of electric transportation perhaps, a product category that would have commercial interests. The Dyson Segway…?

Tech Digest will be heading down to the new Dyson launch next week, and will bring you all the news and exclusive pictures on Tuesday.

Gerald Lynch
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