VIDEO: Watch Minecraft playing on a £19 Raspberry Pi

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Minecraft, easily the world’s greatest indie-gaming success. Allowing gamers total freedom to create worlds as they see fit (so long as those worlds are built from blocks) and offering a cool survival challenge mode, it’s made its creator Markus “Notch” Persson a multi-millionaire, with a fortune now said to be somewhere in the region of $100 million.

The game’s popularity is partly down to just how many systems the game will run on. Available as a browser based game and low weight PC game (as well as mobile versions and an Xbox 360 XBLA version being available) it’s accessible to just about anyone who wants to flex their creative muscles.

Proving the point beyond a shadow of doubt, here’s Minecraft running like a dream on the £19 Raspberry Pi computer, an incredibly cheap, low-powered bare-bones PC aimed primarily at coding enthusiasts and students. Seemingly based on the “Pocket” mobile edition, it’s running like a dream.

Considering that Minecraft can be played for free, and that the Raspberry Pi costs less than a single retail game, let alone a console to play it on, it’s a fantastic achievement.

We’re not sure yet who put the port together, but if you do know, please tell us. We’d like to give the person responsible a pat on the back.

Gerald Lynch
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