Sony tease PlayStation 4 reveal for 20 February

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It looks like the wait is almost over: Sony have teased that they have a major announcement to give on 20 February, and it looks almost certain to be the unveiling of the PlayStation 4.

Posting the above teaser trailer, full of abstract versions of the classic PlayStation buttons, the company also tweeted that the event will allow the world to “see the future”. Short of launching a time-travelling DeLorean, it looks as though that “future” is the next-generation of gaming hardware from Sony, reportedly codenamed the Orbis.

The news is backed up by a report in the Wall Street Journal which also claims the new console will be available to buy before the year is out, ready for the Christmas rush.

Ahead of today’s news many had expected Sony to reveal the PS4 at the annual E3 gaming conference, or even later depending on the eventual launch of the rival Microsoft’s Xbox 720 console. CEO Kaz Hirai had hinted that Sony may repeat the approach they took during the current generation of console releases, letting Microsoft show their hand before revealing their own more powerful console. However, that approach left Sony’s PS3 playing catch up to the Xbox 360 after a year’s disparity between release dates of each console. It appears now that Sony instead will be taking the initiative.

Gerald Lynch
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