Samsung reveal cheaper Wi-Fi only Galaxy Camera

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Impressed with Samsung’s Android-packing Galaxy Camera, but not its price? You’ll be pleased to hear then that old Sammy have just revealed a Wi-Fi only variant set to hit stores soon.

While there’s no official pricing revealed yet, nor launch date info, it should come in at significantly cheaper than the 3G-modem housing Galaxy Camera currently selling for £339 through Amazon.

Aside from dropping 3G, the spec sheet remains unchanged: Samsung’s Galaxy Camera is a neat idea, popping full Android 4.1 functionality and touchscreen interface controls into a pocketable 16.3MP compact camera, complete with 21x optical zoom. For those looking for a marriage between a smartphone’s connectivity chops and a standalone camera’s superior imaging tech, it’s a winner.

Hit the video above for our preview of the 3G-packing variant, which should be more or less identical aside from its on-the-go web accessing 3G capabilities.

Gerald Lynch
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