23% of people wouldn't feel happy without apps, says new survey

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happy-app-stats.jpgApps have permeated into so many different aspects of our lives that it’s hard to remember a time without them. From checking maps on our phones to chatting with pals through IM clients, they now aid us through some of life’s most basic tasks. Were you given the opportunity to turn back the clock to a pre-app time, could you now happily live without them?

For some of you, it seems the answer is no. According to a new survey by Apigee, 23% of app users “would be unable to feel happy” without the apps on their phones. Without a little Angry Birds these days, it seems some of us would end up just like this guy:
But that’s not the worst part. Without apps, many of those surveyed now feel as though they couldn’t complete some of the most basic of tasks; 20% couldn’t find their way to work, 19% couldn’t maintain a relationship, 10% couldn’t even order food to feed themselves with.

What the hell has happened to this race of hunter-gatherers? We got out of the primordial soup without apps, but it seems as if their effect on our lives is to send us back to pre-Neanderthal times.

A bit of context is required here however. Though the survey was carried out across many territories, including the UK, Spain, France, Germany and the US, its total number of respondents numbered only 762. That’s hardly a gigantic sample pool, so we’re hoping they just happened to target app lovers in Hicksville.

Also, with Apigee being a company dedicated to selling API platforms to devs, its in their interest to make the entire world seem hopeless without apps. A little scaremongering is going on here for sure, but if you found yourself among those surveyed who can’t feed themselves without an app, you should probably go seek professional help.

Gerald Lynch
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