WWF launches mobile network to raise funds for conservation, WWF Wildlife Mobile

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Today sees the launch of the first mobile network that also helps with conservation, WWF Wildlife Mobile.

The new mobile network will enable people in the UK with a passion for the environment and wildlife to generate funds for conservation projects every time they use their mobile phone – and it won’t cost them a penny extra to do so!

The service, in partnership with operator Digital Spring Mobile and Vodafone UK, works on a SIM-only, with cheaper standard Pay As You Go rates than any other major networks and a range of competitive bundles of calls, texts and data. This certainly gives another meaning when talking about ‘calls for conservation’.


How does it work?

Rates are highly competitive; Pay As You Go rates start from 5p minute and customers get double call credit every time they top up. WF Wildlife Mobile also offers great value bundles – Penguin, Aardvark, Hippo or Rhino – giving hundreds of calls and texts and large data allowances starting at just £9.50 per month.

How much will be donated?

Wildlife Mobile will give 10% of the net call revenues for conservation and is open to anyone who has an interest in or a concern for the environment and wants to help. In other words, you don’t have to be a WWF member to join the new network and help safeguard the natural world.

How will my calls help with WWF conservation projects?

The hope is that through tapping into something people do every day millions of pounds will be raised for conservation by simply talking to each other. The target is to reach 2 million minutes of call by the end of 2013, all which could make a tangible difference to wildlife:

  • A 10 minute call on WWF Wildlife Mobile could pay for six tree seedlings to help restore critical areas of Tiger habitat.

  • Just two weeks of regular usage on WWF Wildlife Mobile could cover the costs of a three-person community based anti-poaching patrol in the field for one day, protecting Tigers and Rhinos in Nepal.

WWF’s Communications and Fundraising Director, Tobin Aldrich said: “Most people use a mobile phone, so this is an innovative and easy way for people to do their bit for conservation. If you’re passionate about the environment and wildlife, it won’t cost you anything, to raise vital funds for WWF whilst you use your phone.”

To sign up to the new SIM only WWF Wildlife Mobile visit www.wildlifemobile.co.uk.

Article originally published on Hippyshopper.com.

Elisabeth Edvardsen
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