Spotify suspend MP3 music download purchases, bought songs may expire

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Thumbnail image for spotify header.jpgSpotify has suspended the purchase and download of tracks through its music streaming service.

As well as offering streaming of its 20 million song library, Spotify had offered iTunes-style MP3 track downloads for a one-off fee. However, this feature has now been removed, regardless of wheter or not you’re a free or Premium subscriber.

“We’re no longer supporting new download purchases on Spotify,” reads the message that greets users now, with a pop up window that re-directs to the Spotify FAQ page.

“We’re currently not offering new download purchases on Spotify. You can still use downloads you’ve already purchased,” says Spotify on the FAQ.

“Even though it’s not possible to buy downloads using Spotify Desktop, you’ll still be able to use your Spotify gift card, as long as it’s one of the cards that features ‘Downloads’ as an option.”

However, while there are alternative services available if you still insist on buying MP3s instead of streaming (here’s looking at you iTunes, Amazon), what’s more troubling is that previous purchases made through Spotify may eventually become unplayable once they meet their expiry date, with no way of reclaiming them. As it stands, older tracks purchased will still appear in your music library and can continue to be played through the service.

No reason has yet been given by Spotify as to why the change was made, but we’ll keep you posted once we find out.

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