Samsung Galaxy Fonblet and the top 10 worst phone names ever

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name-bloody-stupid.jpgSamsung are rumoured to be revealing a new smartphone/tablet hybrid at this year’s MWC event in Barcelona. A 5.8-inch dual-SIM number with a 960×540 AMOLED screen and Android Jelly Bean software, it’s all sounding pretty good except for one point: its name.

Combining phone and tablet, Samsung look set to christen the device the Samsung Galaxy Fonblet. Phone + tablet x lack of common sense = Fonblet.

As the device has yet to be officially revealed by Samsung, the South Korean firm thankfully have time to come up with a less ridiculous name before launch.

But what of the phones that make it to market with their dumb names intact, destined to bring ridicule and shame to all who own them? Here, Tech Digest run down the 10 worst phone names in mobile history. Scroll down to check them out.

Gerald Lynch
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