NIKE+ running fitness app now available to all UK Android users


nike-running-top.jpgAfter a period of exclusivity for O2 customers, all Android-owning smartphone users can now download and use the Nike+ Running app from the Google Play Store.

The app uses a smartphone’s GPS data to track distances and routes run, as well as times and calories burnt during a workout. Tying in with the device’s music player, the app pushes you to run faster by triggering a “power song” when you’re nearing the end of your run, as well as playing back supportive recordings from sports stars. All run data collected is then stored within the app, with reams of extra detail offered through Nike’s web portal.

If you’re after a more personal incentive, Nike+ Running also lets your friends send you a “Cheer” whilst you’re out running through Facebook, and even lets you race against yourself to push you personal best times.Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 10.26.46.pngThe get-fit-and-brag-about-it app is one of the most popular available to iPhone users with over 7 million downloads to Apple devices, but uptake by Android users has been limited due to the O2 exclusivity deal. With the restrictions lifted, expect to see many more Facebook friends boasting of their two-minute mile expertise.

You can grab the free app by clicking here.

Gerald Lynch
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